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Deansgate Deluxe

Human Recognition Systems allied with Renaker to help deliver Manchester’s latest prestigious address.

It may get its fair share of rain but that doesn’t stop Manchester being repeatedly named as one of the UK’s most liveable cities. Viewing the results of The Economist’s ‘Global Livability Index’ across recent years,
Manchester is always rated in the top 50 in and is often ahead of the UK capital and major cities such as New York and Rome.

The worldwide ranking studies a range of factors, including political and social stability, crime rates, education and access to healthcare for over 140 cities. Manchester performs so well due to a long list of factors too numerous to list here, but that include world-class shopping, a rich heritage, and generation-defining culture that travels the globe.

At the heart of the city is Deansgate, which cuts through the centre of Manchester, giving sweeping views and handy access to all attractions and conveniences. Deansgate Square is set to be the most upscale residential development Manchester has seen to date. The finished project will consist of four towers, the peak height being 64 storeys, and 2.7 acres of carefully devised public space, with a highlight being a new riverside plaza.

Other elements that will lure future residents to the 1508 luxury apartments and exclusive penthouses include an indoor tennis court, a swimming pool, 1,900 square foot gymnasium, and dedicated resident’s lounges. There will also be a communal rooftop garden with private bar and catering facilities exclusively for residents.

The North West’s leading property developer Renaker is working with Simpson Haugh Architects, designers of some of the UK’s most iconic residential developments, and Human Recognition Systems (HRS), the UK’s leading biometric and workforce management company, to complete Deansgate Square.

Renaker has a solid track record in the design, build and delivery with over 2400 new homes currently under construction. Deansgate Square is touted as an innovative example of the future of sustainable residential developments in the city and the company says, “Sustainability is always a key consideration and, from the early stages of the planning process, we ensure that longevity is built in, meeting not just the needs of today but the demands of tomorrow.”

Commenting on the partnership with Renaker, Lynsey Adamson, Head of New Business development as HRS, says, “We’ve been working with Renaker since 2016 across several of their projects and the majority of these are all part of the Deansgate Square development. We look after the access control on site by of way of the biometric turnstiles and we have over 230 subcontractors using our MSite software for Renaker, logging details etc., and so far, there are over 1.8 million working hours recorded for 2019.”

With so many subcontracted workers on site, ensuring that they all have right training and correct accreditation is of paramount importance. If a member of the workforce is operating dangerous machinery, it is vital that the requisite accreditations are in place and valid. To this end, MSite, the UK’s leading access control and workforce management system from HRS, provides full software integration with both the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card scheme databases.

By using CITB database integration, MSite ensures that workers enrolled in CPCS are thoroughly verified before entering site. Making certain that all construction workers’ training and qualifications are correct through the CSCS app – Go Smart.

“Over 4500 accreditations have been checked and the majority of these are using the CITB integration, so we have the right person in the right place, keeping the site safe and secure. MSite provides hardware and software options to enforce health and safety policies and ensure workers are who they say they are, and that they have a right to access to the site.”

With more than 4700 total registered operatives, another key benefit of MSite is the recording of workers’ hours on site – this data forms an integral part of the calculation process for pay roll and saves Renaker a significant amount of time and money. The partnership between HRS and Renaker is essential for delivering Manchester’s hotly anticipated new high-end address.

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