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CSCS & HRS partner to deliver robust identity & competency verification in a UK first

CSCSMost widely used construction competency scheme (CSCS) and biometric access control solution (MSite) combine forces to drive safety and security improvements across UK building sites

Human Recognition Systems (HRS), a leader in total biometric solutions, has announced the integration of its advanced access control solution, MSite, with the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS). A partnership between the two companies has enabled end-to-end integration of the CSCS database and biometric technology for the first time, ensuring that only personnel with the correct authority and CSCS competencies can gain access to construction sites using the technology.

The ability to combine MSite, the most widely used access control system in the construction industry with CSCS, consisting of over 1.8 million cardholders in the UK, is expected to revolutionise safety and security protocols on construction sites across the UK. The system also helps to lower company overheads, providing more efficient management of construction personnel and replacing manual data entry systems.

MSite will validate a CSCS card and upon its presentation and biometric authentication via a hand geometry template, the solution ensures only employees with the correct permissions and CSCS accreditations are granted site access. The standardisation and integration of data from various locations helps to ensure unauthorised or unaccredited personnel are prevented from accessing the construction site, boosting security and minimising health and safety risks. MSite with CSCS is also able to keep track of key site, workforce and sub-contractor information such as the right to work in the UK, penalty points or past health and safety incidents, reducing the capacity for employee error or contractor negligence.

MSite’s existing, proven capabilities as a site management and access solution include helping construction sites to drive cost efficiencies and improve workforce and subcontractor payments through accurate time and attendance reporting, removing the need for time-consuming manual/paper-based data entry systems. Real time automated company-wide reports can be conducted and filtered by contractor across all sites reducing the required site and central manpower. The solution also assists with data accuracy, helping to measure local labour statistics or CO2 figures against business objectives and BREEAM score targets.

“CSCS is a not-for-profit company designed to provide construction employees with portable proof of competency and organisations with a robust means to boost workforce efficiency and streamline costs,” states Graham Wren, Chief Executive of CSCS. “The MSite solution from Human Recognition Systems strengthens the competency card scheme further, validating its authenticity and key personnel data to ensure only employees that have the correct competencies and permissions can access a construction site.”

“The construction industry is lacking a secure, construction-specific two tier authentication method to check construction workers’ identity and competencies before allowing them access to sites,” states Simon Meyer, Construction and Operations Director at Human Recognition Systems. “CSCS, combined with construction-specific biometric technology such as MSite, lowers overheads and can accurately identify members of the workforce and manage their competencies. This provides businesses with an easy way of managing access rights and site activities in accordance with company policies and procedures.”

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