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Converting airport passengers to retail customers – the personalised experience


A study performed by ICLP found that airports could DOUBLE the amount of passengers shopping on their premises, (43% are open to the prospect of shopping whilst only 21% make a purchase). Considering that retail can contribute on average 40% of an Airport’s revenue, imagine the results a change in attitude could have?
So, how do we convert these passengers?

According to Mignon Buckingham, Managing Director of ICLP, “if airports are able to identify individual passengers and develop a much greater understanding of their needs and attitudes, average revenue per passenger can be significantly improved.”

Personalisation, it seems, is the answer.

Gatwick Airport have shown themselves as an innovative thought leader in this space. Last year, HRS and Gatwick ran a trial simulation of the passenger journey of the future. The aim; to illustrate how services can be used to develop an airport journey that is personalised to individual passenger needs.



Biometrics were used to allow passengers to self-service through car parking, check in, security, retail and aircraft boarding. By measuring the actual passenger journeys (rather than devices or average passenger movements) the airport is able to makes decisions on resources and other asset utilisation to match demand with supply.

Apart from the obvious operational benefits of passenger tracking, identifying who your passengers are and their spending habits has enormous advantages.


Take for example, Tom the regular business traveller. Recognising his specific travel preferences (Fast-Track Search, Business Lounge User, Costa Coffee enthusiast) enables targeted marketing that will encourage additional retail activity and provide our friend Tom with a value-added service that will ultimately build loyalty towards his host airport.

Human Recognition Systems are committed to helping airports maximise passenger spend and customer loyalty by way of a personalised journey using biometric technologies.

Biometrics have been proven to be the only technology that can reliably identify an individual passenger (and measure their journey across the entire airport). By getting to know your passengers you are able to transform attitudes to spending, double retail revenue and we are all well on the way to our vision of the end-to-end biometrically enabled airport experience.

The key to converting a passenger into not only a retail customer but an airport customer…personalisation.

To learn more about why you should measure passenger flow through your airport to increase passenger spend in airport retail, download our white paper or call us on +44 (0)333 456 2001. Alternatively contact us today.

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