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Construction Site Technology – is it a help or a hindrance?

The_Team_-_Wendy_DoroszThe demands that are placed on construction managers today have never been greater.

Battling to balance costs and managing multiple sub-contractors to deliver projects on time, in budget and within the confines of resources that are available have become the norm.

The pressures to adhere to company policies and monthly KPIs quite often take precedence at site level to the detriment of the build itself.

On-site inductions means sub-contractors rarely start working before midday pushing up the costs on an already stretched budget.

construction-technologyConstruction companies are turning to cloud-based construction technology solutions to help alleviate some of these pressures but finding the right solution is key. Some companies are investing in pre-enrolment software that allows you to capture worker information before attending site and even show online induction videos.

Additional software can then be used to monitor access and attendance when on site or to record health and safety incidents or capture accreditations and skills for each worker.

The problem that construction companies face is that each company have their own standards that they measure themselves against and a lot of the software that is currently available will do 70% of what is required, but an additional software package will be required for the remaining 30%. Whether that is developed in-house or outsourced, integrating various software packages provide you with a clunky inefficient solution and inevitably will involve duplication of data inputting.

Imagine the time and money that could be saved by ensuring all sites have an accredited, trained and legal workforce that have been inducted before they arrive on site. Automatic enforcement of company policies by restricting access on to site and automation of monthly reports that can be accessed by head office directly leave sites to concentrate on completing the build project.

The answer is to find a solution that can encapsulate all requirements yet be flexible enough to allow for changes within the industry.

{{cta(‘4add57f2-a97f-44a9-a9bc-b9a1531f8f29′,’justifyright’)}} Find out how MSite can ensure that all your sites have an accredited, trained and legal workforce.

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