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Why site access control systems are the first step to managing your construction workforce

In construction, we often focus on the detail. What is best for the individual site and project – site access control systems and construction site security turnstiles are commonly the first practical issue that clients look for us to solve and help them with. But the use of our technology to manage your workers’ access to site does not have to stop there. We can help with more.

Often it pays to step back and look at the bigger picture for your construction company at a national level. Forget the individual site and project for a moment – what is best for all sites, all tasks and all workers when it comes to safely and efficiently managing them?

The answer is simple. Manage your workforce digitally and secure everything in one online system, across the stages of employee ID Checks, Online Inductions and Training, and Access Control and Attendance (incorporating construction site security turnstiles).  MSite provides this, with a full workforce management solution and one of the world’s leading site access control systems.

With ALL sites and employees working from the same source, you can rely on a number of things:

  • Consistent process for recruitment and screening, in terms of ensuring all workers are who they say they are and have a Right to Work in the UK.
  • Consistent onboarding, with workers completing one set of inductions, training and enrolment valid for multiple site visits.
  • Consistent workforce data, with restricted individuals blocked from sites if they are already blocked from entering one, or if their skills and training are not up to date.
  • Consistent reports about your workers, all sent to head office measuring the same things in the same format.

Choose a single way to solve all your workforce management issues. A single way to get everyone on site and working safely in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. One way to ensure all workers are compliant, safe and secure.

Site access control systems / construction site security turnstiles

Contact us to learn why MSite is the one way to transform your company.

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