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Construction Online Inductions: Everything you need to know

Onboarding and inducting construction workers can be an arduous, time intensive process. Over many sites and thousands of workers, the monetary cost of this inefficiency can run into hundreds of thousands – something which is entirely avoidable. With the help of our innovative MSite module, MSite Online Inductions, you can ensure workers are fit to do the job they are employed for, and have received the correct and consistent induction and training… all before stepping foot on site. Online Inductions & Training is a innovative way to ensure your entire workforce is fully trained before they arrive at the workplace.

Why Use MSite Construction Online Inductions Module

Here is everything you need to know about MSite Online Inductions and how it can transform your workforce management.

Save Time and Money for Everyone

With everyone arriving at site having completed your company inductions, they only need a quick briefing before getting straight to work, potentially saving thousands of man-hours per year. MSite also remembers who’s been trained in what, so your subcontractors will thank you for not having to sit through the same course again and again.

Auditable Training Records

In the event of an accident, you need proof that your workers have been trained on relevant subject matters. MSite records who has been trained and shows you exactly what they saw at the time of training, no matter how many updates are made subsequently. Then, if quick action is needed, there is no need to search through mountains of easily misplaced paper files, instead, simply search for the worker’s name on the MSite system.

Integrated with Access Control

Rest assured that your Health & Safety training policies are being adhered to by preventing access to untrained and unqualified workers. No other training system integrates as seamlessly with access control as MSite, which is able to provide real time data on who is on site. The system can also send alerts to managers if there too few first-aiders or supervisors onsite to ensure that each project is inline with company Health & Safety policy.

Site & Role Specific

Induction content can be easily uploaded onto the system, with the ability to customise different induction courses for different sites and roles, maximising the efficiency and relevancy of training.

CITB Validation & Card Checker

During onboaring, the system automatically validates CSCS, CPCS, SMSTS, SSSTS and CISRS cards against the CITB database. When entering the site, each worker’s accreditations are checked again to ensure they are in date and still valid, ensuring the training of each onsite worker is up to date.

For more information about MSite Online Inductions call us on +44 (0) 333 456 2001 or send an email to info@hrsid.com.

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