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Construction horrors … and how to avoid them

Happy Halloween to all of our customers and followers! While we can all enjoy a good Halloween scare, I think it can be agreed that scary scenes should be kept for the silver screen and not be allowed to unfold in real life, especially in the construction industry.

For a Health & Safety professional it’s hard not to always be scared, after all the statistics speak for themselves: 38 construction workers were killed at work in 2017/18, a 27% increase on the previous year, and 5,055 non-fatal injuries between 2016/17. A reported 80,000 construction workers also suffer from an illness, lower back pain, or a condition that was either induced or made worse by their working environment, such as Mesothelioma after coming into contact with Asbestos fibres.

Despite a long term reduction in fatalities and injuries since 1981, the question remains – how can construction companies ensure these numbers continue to drop and shake the shameful title of Great Britain’s most dangerous industry?

The first step towards creating safer workplace lies at the site entry point – it is imperative that every worker on site is who they say they are, and has the full and proper training required to do their job safely.  It’s common knowledge that the use of fake CSCS cards is rife, with even the use of handheld card readers failing to put a stop to these unscrupulous workers. The only way to confidently validate the identity and training of your workers is through biometric access technology, such as our leading biometric access system MSite.

By implementing our biometric turnstiles, workers are required to scan their fingerprint to enter the site. Each time this happens, their identity is automatically checked against the live accreditation databases to ensure their cards are valid, in date and belong to them. If not, an ‘access denied’ message will be displayed and entry will not be granted. Managing worker access in this way ensures the highest level of security and stops untrained workers from endangering themselves and those around them.

Let us help you keep horrors for Halloween and not your construction site.

To find out more about how MSite can create a safer working environment for your workers or its other capabilities, visit our website or give us a call on +44(0)333 456 2001.

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