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Responding to COVID-19; a time for innovation, flexibility & working together

The emergence of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having an unprecedented impact on organisations across the globe, with necessary government lockdown protocols putting huge pressures on businesses’ working capital and strict operating procedures changing the way we continue to work.

How Has MSite Responded?

When the outbreak began in the UK, the first government guidelines advised us all to maintain good personal hygiene and regularly wash our hands for 20 seconds (whilst singing Happy Birthday!). To help raise awareness of this advice, we adapted the MSite system so all of the MSite biometric devices, which were deployed on our customers’ construction sites, displayed this message on the device’s built-in touchscreens. In addition, downloadable guidance posters were created for our customers to print off and display on-site.

Over the past few weeks, the UK’s Construction industry has found itself in the media spotlight as the government strives to keep construction sites operational in recognition of the huge economic impact the industry has on the UK economy. As such, the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) issued a series of ‘Site Operating Procedures (SOP)’ construction sites must adhere to, to protect the workforce and reduce the risk of spreading the infection.

Initially, the SOP stated that site entry systems that require skin contact, such as fingerprint readers, must be temporarily disabled (this has subsequently been revised by the CLC to say they may be used as long as they are cleaned between uses and hand-washing facilities are nearby). This initial guidance presented construction companies with a further challenge of how to accurately record who was on site; a matter of even greater significance during a contagious pandemic when site entry systems would be able to record exactly who was on site and could therefore, be used to identify who else may be a risk should an operative become infected.

In response to this dilemma, we decided to make our MSite Mobile Time and Attendance available to all of our customers free of charge for three months. This would allow them to continue to record operative attendance data in their MSite systems, without the use of biometrics.

Customer Case Study: Vinci Construction UK

One of our national framework customers, Vinci Construction UK, was one of the first to roll out the MSite Mobile app to all of its live construction sites to ensure continuity in its digital attendance data capture.

David Parry, Business Tools Manager from Vinci Construction UK commented: “I’ve been extremely impressed with MSite’s proactive response to COVID-19. The pop-up message on the portal, a printable poster and the updated fingerprint touch unit’s display screen were excellent at the outset. The offer and ability to just turn on the mobile application within a matter of hours across all of our sites was unexpected and has proved instrumental in maintaining our attendance data integrity during this unprecedented time. It reconfirms what we thought when we signed a framework agreement with them…we really made the right choice!”

What Next?

The SOP has since been updated to allow the continued use of site entry systems with fingerprint readers, if they are washed after each individual use. However, recognising that the current situation is rapidly changing, we are continuing to work closely with our customers such as Vinci Construction UK, to discuss possible new innovations for the MSite system to help ensure continuity on site, whilst protecting the workforce as much as possible.

We have also put together a card reader access control package, which can be used as an interim alternative to the MSite biometric device, or installed alongside an existing device. Please contact our Account Management team for more information.

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