Royal Caribbean

  • Partnered with award winning cruise company
  • Worked in conjunction with terminal handler
  • Processing up to 6,500 passengers per ship
  • End-to-end passenger tracking including external to terminal
Symphony of the Seas
MFlow has significantly provided better visibility and added
value to our boarding process and we are now deploying
the system into other terminals. I would highly recommend the
product and the team for an outstanding service.

Royal Caribbean was looking for a solution to give them more visibility of the boarding process at their Barcelona terminal.

Using Barcelona as an initial pilot site, Royal Caribbean wanted to understand how the use of innovative technology could improve the passenger experience in the terminal where passenger insight and data was limited. As a result, Royal Caribbean selected Human Recognition Systems in 2018 to prove and then provide our MFlow product.

The challenge

While the onboard experience of Royal Caribbean ships continues to earn multiple global awards and high passenger satisfaction ratings there was still a need to identify a better way to measure and track journeys to understand passenger improvements, as issues not handled correctly in real-time can adversely affect the ship departure time as well as damage the passenger experience.

With a multi-stage, multi-location boarding process commencing with bag drop, as well as the range of passenger categories (including many loyal regular passengers), Royal Caribbean required a proven solution that accurately measures passengers to provide a seamless boarding process and one that identified opportunities for improvement to ensure best practice.

The solution

Partnering with the Royal Caribbean team and terminal handlers, HRS worked with Royal Caribbean to define the passenger flows and KPIs that would add the most value to the terminal operations. On agreement of these factors, we ran the MFlow solution for an initial pilot period, which proved not only the accuracy of the solution but also the value of the information for both the entire journey and segments of the journey, including by passenger type. Face cameras ensured the required coverage without the need for an extensive number of cameras; these were also located externally to specifically measure the bag-drop process.

Adam Sharp, Head of Business Development – EMEA for Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited explained: “HRS’s people movement and journey system, MFlow, offered everything we were looking for in terms of functionality, and during implementation, the project team worked closely with us to understand our exact requirements, which then influenced the design of the system and how it would give us the best and most valuable set of data.”


The result

Adam Sharp continued: “Since install MFlow has significantly provided better visibility of Boarding Operations at Barcelona; boarding functions more efficiently and we can react quickly to any issues that might cause an increase in queue times. An added benefit is being able to use this data retrospectively – on one hand, to see how the other systems we use can have an impact on boarding, and also to identify certain trends that could help us forecast operationally for upcoming events.”

“We are now deploying MFlow system into other Terminals and we expect to see the same level of improvements as we have seen in Barcelona already. MFlow has added value to our boarding process and I would highly recommend the product and the team for an outstanding service.”

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