Gatwick Airport

  • 2015
  • Airport ID Centre
  • 8,500 passes per month
MTrust - Gatwick Airport
The new system will enable us to issue airport
ID passes faster, whilst taking the frustrations
away from our on-airport customers and providing
more time for important security checks which
will reduce risk.

Gatwick Airport’s existing airport pass system was slow and difficult for both Gatwick and their stakeholders and would struggle to cope with the increase in on-airport personnel.

For an airport that processes 86,000 applications per year, any inefficiencies can be costly and time consuming.

The challenge

All staff working either airside or landside at an airport (be it permanent or temporary) are required to have a valid ID Pass issued by the Airport they are working in. Whilst the rules underpinned by regulation have evolved over 25 years, UK Airports still use the same paper based processes.

Gatwick suffered from the process, rejecting between 20% and 25% of initial pass applications due to administrative errors by the applicants and authorised signatories. This slowed the process down, increasing both costs and administrative overheads.

Any new system had to be easy for Gatwick’s community of 2,500 Authorised Signatories to use, whilst saving time and simplifying the process.

The solution

MTrust is an Airport ID Pass Application vetting and issuance solution, hosted in the Cloud. It provides streamlined ID Pass management with absolute certainty of identity and powerful tools to transform the Airport ID Centre performance.

MTrust has provided the ID Centre with a raft of workflow, communication, security and compliance tools to reduce the administrative overhead allowing agents to concentrate on security and the issuing of passes.

MTrust provides a personalised dashboard and inbox for each team member that enables them to see what is happening, right now. The Dashboard provides updates on team bandwidth, application progress and ensures that fast-track passes remain at the top of the team’s lists.

For the Authorised Signatories, MTrust gives complete visibility of an application’s progress and removes the need for calls to the ID Centre. MTrust allows workers to create their own profile prior to submitting a pass application. Upon completion, the Authorised Signatories use this applicant information in the MTrust online pass application forms, ensuring accurate data and applications are correctly completed, first time.

Human Recognition Systems also undertook the training of the Authorised Signatories. Delivered in tailored training sessions to over 800 Authorised Signatories across 6 weeks, split across company and pass type. Training was reinforced by the creation of online Training Videos that are available 24/7 within the MTrust system.

The result

In 2015, Gatwick was the first airport to have a paperless process for issuing its Airport ID Passes and MTrust.

As of 2015, MTrust has delivered the following results:

  • Over 28,000 applications processed to date at an average rate of 8,500 passes per month.
  • 93% approved with just 1.4% rejected and the rest in progress.
  • 35% proven IDC efficiency gains.
  • All application types have been processed; company, vehicle, people.
  • 71% of people within MTrust have profiles that can be used again in the future.
  • Gatwick have been able to reduce their SLA for responding to initial pass applications from 2 days to just 45 minutes.
  • Happy ID Community – 95% of the 2,500 Authorised Signatories say MTrust will give them better visibility of pass applications, reduce calls to the IDC and enhance security.
  • Over 20,000 people belong to the MTrust community.

MTrust has created a community of Airports, Authorised Signatories and Employees who are able to transfer and share information between them for mutual advantage. Over 800 companies have processed a pass application including leading on-airport companies such as British Airways, easyjet, Boots, Costa Coffee, Swissport, NATS and World Duty Free.

MTrust is also TUPE & Transfer Ready. Employees can apply to register their employment at multiple companies simultaneously, facilitating distributed workloads for quick, simple TUPE transfers and eliminating duplication of data where employees work for more than one employer.

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