Gatwick Airport

MFlow - Gatwick airport passenger flow system
We have been impressed by how smoothly MFlow has
enabled us to use the information gathered to understand
our customers' movements and to personalise journeys
accordingly. By working alongside our existing infrastructure,
we now have the advantage of leveraging existing investments
to increase the use of biometrics. These enhancements are
another step towards a seamless passenger experience as we
continue to prepare London Gatwick for future growth and a
second runway.

MFlow provides an end-to-end biometric solution that has enabled Gatwick Airport to automate passenger identification, enhance its overall passenger experience and grow the airport’s non-aeronautical revenue.

The solution was complimented with a dashboard to give real-time status information on the end-to-end solution for the operations teams.


The challenge

London Gatwick Airport is one of the busiest in the UK, meaning that passenger processing needs to be as efficient as possible to enable a seamless passenger experience, all while keeping security watertight.

The solution

Used by passengers in London Gatwick’s North and South Terminals, MFlow has led to security improvements and received positive feedback from passengers, airport personnel and airline staff for its ease of use.

Utilising the full features of MFlow presents the opportunity for the airport to validate passengers at all stages of the process and to manage passengers across a series of identity points – from car parking to ticket production to purchasing a discounted product in the retail space.

MFlow uses unobtrusive iris recognition technology to enrol passengers, and the technology has facilitated an automated boarding trial for London Gatwick’s passengers with the ability to check in and deposit hold luggage via designated self-service bag drops. For passengers travelling with only hand baggage, the enrolment process will take place at security ticket presentation.

The result

MFlow has put the infrastructure in place to allow Gatwick to grow in the future even going as far as facilitating plans for second runway.

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