London City Airport

  • Rejection rates reduced from 10%+ to below 0.5%
  • 35% proven IDC efficiency gains
  • 97% of the authorised signatories say MTrust will give them better visibility of pass applications
MFlow & MTrust - London City Airport

With London City Airport (LCY) setting a new passenger number record in 2015, an 18% increase on 2014, and with simple infrastructure improvement plans to provide 2,000 new jobs in 2016, it was important that LCY could manage the increase in the number of staff that would require an airport pass without disruption to customer service.

The challenge

The existing paper-based system at London City Airport (LCY) was cumbersome for all stakeholders and would struggle to cope with the increase in on-airport personnel, where any inefficiencies can be costly and time-consuming. Another key challenge was the inaccuracies found in the paper-based submissions to the pass office, which meant the pass office spent a great deal of their time managing the update of the required information before they could begin their job of vetting, approving and issuing.

The solution

MTrust is a revolutionary airport security pass application vetting and issuance solution, hosted in the cloud. It provides streamlined pass application management with absolute certainty of identity and powerful tools to transform performance, ensuring a standardised approach to help drive efficiencies and performance to an agreed, high standard. MTrust also facilitates compliance with regulations, by making the worker’s profile accessible and checkable online and automatically flagging any errors or inaccuracies in the information provided, prior to submission.

MTrust has provided the ID centre with a raft of workflow, communication, security and compliance tools to alleviate the burden on the airport pass office, speeding up the turnaround time to process applications, and in turn, reducing the costs for the airport through greater efficiency.

The result

MTrust has transformed the pass application procedure and process at LCY since its delivery in 2016. As MTrust ensures that the applications submitted are in a final and complete state the pass office has seen a near 0% rejection rate and a huge reduction in application queries, allowing them to quickly review and complete the vetting of the applications, leading to reduced turnaround times and happier customers. The additional facility of remote printing temporary passes has significantly reduced the load on the ID centre as it has removed the emails, calls and visits to the pass office for this pass type whilst providing enhanced security features, such as the addition of photo ID to aid visual verification and the real-time checking of application validity by security personnel.

London City Airport also gained approval from the Department of Transport (DFT) to issue a unique 120-day pass for a single construction company to support with a major construction project and MTrust was simply tailored to implement this rule without any overheads to the Pass office or signatory company.

To date, MTrust has delivered the following:

  • Rejection rates reduced from 10%+ to below 0.5%
  • 35% proven ID centre efficiency gains
  • 97% of the authorised signatories say MTrust will give them better visibility of pass applications, reduce calls to the ID centre and enhance security

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