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Accurate passenger journey measurement and why it pays to measure

It seems that everyone in the airport management world is talking about the passenger journey and the countless methods of measurement, but…

While there are many articles and discussions surrounding the passenger journey and how the measure it, there is a lack of information where accuracy and the respective commercial and operational benefits are concerned.

There are several different techniques and technologies available to help organisations measure the flow of people. These range from device tracking systems, which pick up Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals, to video analytics, which predict queue times through the use of Little’s Law. For many organisations, these methods are well suited, however when measuring a high volume, uninterrupted stream of people data accuracy is sacrificed. Without accuracy, the potential benefits promoted by these methods become obsolete.

The most accurate measurement technique has been proven to lie with facial recognition technology, as it can precisely measure the point-to-point flows using a person’s face and provide a specific time stamp for their journey. This powerful data can be used in a multitude of ways: drastically reducing queue times, improving staffing efficiencies, measuring the success of marketing campaigns and even measuring the happiness of the customer through the smile on their face.

To read the full report detailing the available technology and accurate journey measurement benefits, please download it for free here.

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