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Access Control Systems can save lives on Construction Sites

Wendy-Dorosz-2015Recently an Oldham building firm was fined £50,000 after a friend of a worker wandered onto site and fell from the second floor building of a house that was partially constructed sustaining life-changing injuries.

HSE Inspector Grayam Barnes commented, “Building sites have the potential to be highly dangerous places so it’s essential that only workers are allowed onto sites, and access is prevented for other individuals. It simply should not have been possible…”.

MSite Pod at Bowmer Kirkland - One New BaileyUnfortunately for some construction sites, the budget for prelims will not stretch to allow for access control systems, but the health and safety risk is an even higher price to pay.

By way of an example, although it’s not a legal requirement, most households have contents insurance.  This is because the potential costs involved to replace any contents are far greater than the cost of cover.

Using this same principle, construction sites should build an access control system into their prelim costs to ensure their sites are secure and avoid any opportunities for unnecessary health and safety breaches.

It’s not worth the risk

MSite is a smart biometric access control system which ensures you have the right person, with the right skills at the right time working on your sites.


MSite has a direct link to the CSCS database allowing you to run live verifications giving you confidence that your workforce are legitimate. Pre-enrolment allows workers to complete an online induction form and book an induction date before they arrive on site. These two features alone will save you time and money allowing you to offset the additional costs of having an access control system.

It’s not worth the risk having your site exposed, so contact us today to find out more about MSite and get a quote.

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