We digitise the identity of people
for the safety and efficiency of your business.

Based in the Bunker Building in Liverpool, UK, we deliver technology which
automates and digitises the identity of people in some of the world’s most
demanding and highly regulated workplaces.

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Founded in 2001, we are known for a
history of innovative firsts, including
being the UK’s first multi-biometric
technology company.


First company in the world to revolutionise the airport ID pass application process with an online system.

Airports can replace lengthy pass application processes with MTrust, which enables the management of employee information and pass applications online.


World first deployment of facial recognition to measure the passenger journey in an airport.

In 2011, Gatwick Airport went live with MFlow to measure the passenger journey through the terminal using facial recognition.


First deployment of iris-at-distance technology to enrol and identify passengers in a UK airport.

In June 2011, Gatwick Airport went live with MFlow to enrol and identify passengers using iris-at-distance technology to automate common departure lounge access and domestic boarding. The technology had previously not been used in the public domain in the UK or integrated with automatic gates anywhere in the world.


First to integrate CSCS smart cards for site access.

We abled these cards to be used to get through site access points, using MSite.


First to integrate iris recognition with Desfire smartcards

Enabling super secure multi-modal template-on-card access control for the London 2012 Olympic Park.


First to deploy biometrics for dispensing medication to the UK’s prison population.

Working with the Department of Health, we deployed iris and fingerprint recognition at healthcare facilities within 65 UK prisons.


First to deploy biometrics at a UK airport.

We deployed biometric access systems for 19,000 airport workers in all 3 of Manchester Airport’s terminals.


First UK company to import and deploy hand geometry recognition technology.

Long before today’s export channels were established, we were importing this new and exciting technology directly from around the world to bring the benefits to our UK customers.


UK’s first multi-biometric technology company.

In 2001, Neil Norman gave up his role at Accenture to follow his dreams and start a biometric technology business.

Key people

Ian Taylor


Neil Norman

Neil Norman

CEO and Founder

Simon Meyer

Managing Director,
Aviation Solutions

Adam Smith

Nick Wilkinson

Head of Workforce
Management Solutions,

Our 'M' product portfolio

The leading workforce management system

Enabling the passenger
automation revolution
in aviation

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The most efficient way
to manage your airport
security pass applications

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Momentum is our Research & Development area of the business, ensuring our products exceed the latest trends in biometric and digital identity technology.


We regularly host events designed to bring together businesses,
developers and technologists to that explore new ideas and concepts.

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We are looking for talented and ambitious people to join our innovative technology business. All employees have the opportunity to shape the future of digital identity management and biometrics in a culture of constant learning and personal development.


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