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A holistic approach to a seamless passenger experience

It is clear that in order to alleviate the challenge of processing growing passenger numbers through the existing airport infrastructure, the aviation industry requires fundamental change. While the industry is undergoing significant technological change, very little focus has been on improving the all-important passenger experience.

In comparison to other service industries, the passenger experience is very poor, typically characterised by long queues, delays and a lack of information. The impact of stressed passengers has a commercial impact on airports, resulting in lower revenues as hassled, time-poor passengers are less likely to spend in the departure lounge.


In effort to combat these issues, communication between airports, airlines and passengers must improve. Particularly in this digital age, customers have come to expect real-time updates and extensive information. The aviation industry must adapt the outdated, impersonal, one-size-fits-all approach to provide a seamless and personalised experience and meet the needs of passengers. This can be achieved through data-sharing between airports and airlines, which currently operate as separate entities preventing a holistic view of the passenger’s end-to-end journey. Integration of airline and airport data can therefore be used to maximise operational efficiency and simultaneously improve the overall passenger experience.

Would you like to know more about how a holistic view of the passenger journey could improve customer satisfaction and commerciality? Contact us today or download the full report to learn more.

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