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A Great Reception From Security Experts At TRANSEC


Last week we attended Transport Security Expo (TRANSEC), a fantastic platform for us to demonstrate our products – MFlow & MTrust – as they continue to generate a huge amount of interest from all corners of the aviation industry and beyond.

It should be no surprise our solutions have grown in popularity over the course of 2015, and were well received by the myriad of security professionals in attendance at TRANSEC. As well as queue measurement and identity management technologies becoming more essential to the everyday running of an airport, we are all too aware of the security benefits these technologies can bring. In light of horrifying recent events, any measure to increase vigilance for staff and passengers in the transportation industries, as many customers have said, can only be a positive investment.

1) MTrust 


A revolutionary cloud based airport ID pass application management, vetting and issuance solution. It provides streamlined ID pass management with absolute certainty of identity, hosted the same ISO27001 high security infrastructure used by Netflix and NASA. These powerful tools can not only transform your airport ID centre performance, but vastly increase your security when it comes to managing pass applications.

2) MFlow


The world’s most accurate queue measurement system. Using anonymous and passive facial recognition, the cameras effortlessly track individuals in designated areas of the airport to ensure queue times don’t get out of hand. At the same time, they also provide incredible demographic data and security benefits – the highly accurate cameras can pick up individuals on security watch lists and data sets are partitioned, meaning only the right users see the right data.

If we managed to see you at TRANSEC, thanks for coming. If you couldn’t make it, feel free to get in touch by contacting us here.

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