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5 Amazing MSite Features You May Not Be Aware Of

tim-1.jpgMSite, our leading Biometric Access Control solution is brimming with incredible software features guaranteed to solve the workforce management dilemmas of construction companies and individual sites.

Still, some people think this advanced entry system is nothing more than a turnstile workers use to ‘clock in and out’. Below I’ve listed just 5 of MSite’s features you may not know, but all have the potential to revolutionise the way you manage your workforce.


no1Apprentice Reporting

The reporting of apprentice numbers on site has only just been introduced in our latest software update. This important functionality is hugely beneficial in attaining BREEAM excellence points and has been developed directly in response to customer requests.

The update allows simple data to be reported on at the touch of a button. We’ve even put a widget on the MSite Dashboard so at a glance you can see exactly how many apprentices are on site at any time.

With a future levy on apprentices on the horizon, this feature can only grow in relevance as the need for this kind of reporting becomes ever more vital.

no2Data Protection

We live in a world where even the largest and most reputable companies are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, and construction businesses, large or small, are not imune. When moving secure data into the cloud appropriate due diligence on the company you are trusting with your data is essential, asking the right questions of your cloud hosting provider should be a top priority.

Digital information security is paramount in all HRS products, including MSite, and all our products are underpinned by a security framework that has been developed by our data security experts to ensure the integrity and security of our customer’s data.

In addition, MSite is independently tested on a regular basis by ethical hacking companies to ensure our application security is continually updated to protect against new types of attacks.

no3Dashboard & Search Window


The MSite Dashboard provides an easy snapshot of what is happening on your site/s right now. It will provide exactly the same information and functionality whether you log in on your laptop, your smartphone or a tablet, as MSite is accessed through a web browser rather than an application. The search window on the dashboard is an extremely helpful tool, at site level a Site Manager or Project Manager can simply log in to MSite on their smartphone, tap an individual’s name into the window and bring up their profile from the database… instantly checking accreditations, restriction history, induction date and much more.

no4Modular Design – Hassle Free Installation

Amazingly, MSite can be delivered and set up on site within 3 hours. Due to the modular design of the MSite Pod, it is a simple ‘plug and play’ solution.

All we need from the site is a power supply and a flat area to lift the MSite Pod onto with our HiAb and we’ll have you up and running in no time! An incredible triumph of design and logistics by the MSite delivery team.

no5Training and Installation – Free of Charge!

Once MSite has been delivered all aspects of the installation (with the exception of running power to the Pod) are completed free of charge, by us.

This invariably includes co-ordinating the delivery, calibrating the biometrics, setting up the enrolment station in the induction room and ensuring the internet connection is working and providing adequate access to MSite. Most importantly, we provide a 2 to 3 hour on site training session tailored for educating users to get the most out of the system.


To find out more about MSite, call us on 0333 456 2001 or contact us today.



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