We digitise people.

Be it employees, subcontractors or customers, every organisation has a need to validate
and manage the identity of the people it works with.

We work with businesses to help passengers catch planes and
workers stay safe. All through our innovative technology. 

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Our products

The leading workforce
management system

MSite combines a worker identification check, inductions and training system with fingerprint biometric access control to manage employees and security.

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Our products

Enabling the passenger
automation revolution
in aviation

Focusing on the biometric digitisation of the passenger identity, MFlow enables a seamless traveller experience through the various airline, airport and authority checkpoints before, during and after transiting through the terminal. Providing a personalised experience and informing the passenger about relevant information during each part of their journey.

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Our products

The most efficient way
to manage your airport
security pass applications

MTrust is a pass application management, vetting and issuance
solution, hosted in a secure online environment. The system provides
absolute certainty of employee identity and streamlines overall
airport ID centre performance.

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Client satisfaction

Source: customer feedback 2017.

I really do believe the potential benefits
of implementing this system are game
changing for Balfour Beatty.
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We have been impressed by how smoothly MFlow
has enabled us to use the information gathered
to understand our customers’ movements and
to personalise journeys accordingly.
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MSite gave a high level of confidence for both
the secure access of employees onto the
Olympic Park construction site and the
reporting information that can be obtained as a result.
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In an ever-growing airport, we are always
looking for ways to improve self-service automation
for passengers and airport staff.
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